Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy

First records of massage as a touch therapy date back to 3000BC. The evidence of massage being used to alleviate pain around this time isn’t restricted to one place specifically but is global. Records from China, Japan, India and Rome show how touch was used as a form of muscle rehabilitation and relaxation.

Studies now prove that the right kind of touch can signal to the body a sense of safety and trust, it soothes.  Warm flowing touch with gentle pressure calms cardiovascular stress.  Oxytocin (a happy hormone) is released when touch therapy is used, the vagus nerve becomes activated and the body reacts with a compassionate response leaving the clients mood lifted after treatment.

For years I have been interested in the way our bodies work

Every single millisecond they perform tiny tasks within us that we can’t function properly without, yet we hardly even notice they are occurring.

Muscles are vitally important to our movement.  When they become tight, overworked and sore our movement becomes restricted.  Restricted movement in one area tends to lead onto other areas of tension after prolonged over usage. Correction can be hard so it’s never good to ignore a muscular complaint.  Hydration and lengthening are what muscle tissue craves.  With techniques I use during treatment and techniques I can show you for home care I can help keep you body supple and mobile. I strive to keep people moving as pain free as possible.

More about me

I treat clients individually

No two bodies are the same therefore no two treatments are the same.  I believe whole heartedly in treating clients holistically, I am very intuitive in my practice and will work out a course of treatments to target the areas of concern that you present to me.

I will treat you with compassion.  Massage should not be painful but stress relieving, therefore I will communicate with you throughout your treatment. Ensuring you as the client are happy with the treatment your receiving.

Massage treatments and prices