Hi, I am Hannah.


I have been professionally treating clients since 2013. I trained firstly in Swedish massage and then furthered my training to include, deep tissue massage, seated massage, myofascial realease techniques, pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainange and facial treatments.

Fascia is a huge web that runs from top to toe inside of us, through muscle, bone and tissue, key to so many bodily functions yet so misunderstood.  When treated properly it can help to release trauma, both mental and physical.  It’s a fascinating new treatment, I have been seeing real changes in my Clients after trying fascial releaase techniques.  Profound change can be achieved, espcially for those with long term muscle tension and or pain.

Why choose massage?

My interest in Massage

I became interested in touch therapy and massage after being gifted a treatment following the birth of my first son.  At that time, I had no idea how much the pregnancy and 8 months of breastfeeding had impacted my body.

I had never had a massage but I will never forget the feeling I had post massage, gliding from the treatment room feeling like a new woman, I felt held and connected to my body once again, which had simply become a vessel to carry on with life’s daily baby focused chores.  Making somebody feel like this after only 1 hour, what an amazing gift, so powerful.

I had another son and more massage treatments for myself but when my second son started school, I invested in a massage qualification and I have never looked back.  Now my ever-growing boys are 2 of my best clients.

I feel very lucky to be able to treat clients, I love my job. It’s the best feeling knowing you have helped make somebody feel better in themselves.  I also feel privileged to be trusted by so many lovely clients, for being selected by them as their therapist of choice.

I offer my practice in two ways

Firstly, I can bring massage therapy to you.  Lots of clients prefer having treatment from the comfort of their own homes, which removes the homeward journey after having a relaxing treatment.

Secondly, I hold a clinic in East Street, South Molton every Monday and Wednesday.

For guests on holiday in North Devon...

I provide treatments for guests on holiday in the North Devon area, frequently visiting, The Lazy Sheep at Brushford. and Coulscott Cottages at Combe Martin. to offer a bit of luxury to those on staycation.

Coulscott Cottages The Lazy Sheep