Swedish Massage

A flowing remedial massage that combines lighter touch techniques that gently put the body into a state of relaxation, with some deeper tissue work, meaning areas of stress and tension feel cared for and freer at the end of the treatment.

Back, Neck, Shoulders  (45 mins) £40
1 hour treatment, choose the areas you want treated. £50
Full Body (75mins) £60
1 hour 30 mins £70


Deep Tissue Massage

Addressing specific areas of tension each massage is tailored to the individual clients to alleviate tight and overworked muscles.  Pressure points are used to target and release strain from muscles.

30 mins £35
45 mins £45
1 hour £55


Seated Massage

Perfect for home, office visits and those with limited mobility.

15 mins £20
30 mins £30


Facial Treatment

Using Weleda’s biodynamic, organically grown, award winning skin care range, this rejuvenating treatment will recharge and relax you. The treatment comprises of a hot compress, followed by deep cleansing, a facial massage, a face mask and finally a layer of face cream to send you off glowing.

Skin Food Facial (45 mins) £35