Kerri Mannion

I enjoyed a lovely relaxing massage yesterday with Hannah at The Durin Room in Tiverton. Hannah’s hands seemed to instinctively know where the knots and tension would be held in... Read more

Katherine Laing

Hannah is a natural therapist, I started fascia release therapy to help with historic trauma from sports injuries and I have been surprised by how quickly my body has responded to... Read more

John Pitts

I find Hannah's massage so relaxing, I fall asleep during most of them. Read more

Jenny MacSharry

I had a treatment from Hannah for my aching hips. Hannah is a very calm and compassionate and listened to me explain all that I had going on. I have... Read more

Rebecca Taylor

Hannah has been my therapist for the last couple of years.  She has always worked intuitively and been generous with her time and energy during treatments.  Recently her myofascial work is... Read more